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Que faut-il privilégier pour une valise qui dure ?

What should you choose for a suitcase that lasts?

We are not always very careful with our suitcases, whether it is us or the airport staff, or others. We sometimes find our luggage a little jumbled on the conveyor belts. So are high-end suitcases ...

Aéroport de Roissy : SOS Baggage propose aux voyageurs de réparer leurs valises abîmées en soute

Roissy Airport: SOS Baggage offers travelers to repair their damaged suitcases in the hold

SOS Baggage has existed since 2012 and the company is already preparing its international development. In three years, the company has already hired more than 15 people.

SOS Baggage : créer son marché pour devenir le leader

SOS Baggage: create your market to become the leader

Being a market leader only 1 year after the creation of your company is possible when you invent a profession and create demand in a sector that does not yet exist.

Il répare vos valises à l’aéroport !

He fixes your suitcases at the airport!

He had the idea before anyone else! Repair damaged luggage directly at the airport. And since then, his company SOS BAGGAGE has been a hit, especially among flight personnel.

La bonne idée d'un entrepreneur de Seine-Saint-Denis

The good idea of ​​an entrepreneur from Seine-Saint-Denis

He offers to repair damaged suitcases upon their arrival. No more delays, no more paperwork for reimbursement. Travelers and companies are seduced.

Un réparateur de bagages à Roissy

A luggage repairer in Roissy

Repair damaged luggage upon arrival at the airport. A simple idea that no one had thought of before Mehdi Barka.

Valises abimées en soute : SOS BAGGAGE répare

Damaged suitcases in the hold: SOS BAGGAGE repairs

It is not uncommon to pick up your suitcase on the conveyor belt, in poor condition. Whether it is a big brand suitcase or a jute bag purchased in India, passengers are not ready to sacrifice lugga...

Roissy : il répare illico les bagages abîmés à l'aéroport

Roissy: he immediately repairs damaged luggage at the airport

An innovative service is attracting more and more airlines to Roissy. Its initiator: a young entrepreneur from Bobigny.

SOS BAGGAGE : Parcours d'un entrepreneur

SOS BAGGAGE: Journey of an entrepreneur

It was while working in the luxury world that Mehdi Barka had the idea of ​​creating a luggage repair center. Based in Roissy, it is the leader in the sector.

Un service innovant pour les passagers

An innovative service for passengers

Gutted suitcase, broken wheels or handles, delayed luggage... It was because they encountered many travelers who were victims of these mishaps that Mahdi Barka and his partner had the idea of ​​SO...