General Rental Conditions

General Rental Conditions updated on May 22, 2015


The rental of suitcases is a short-term rental, the unit of time of which is the day. The rental takes effect from the moment the customer takes possession of the luggage in the store or on the delivery date indicated by the carrier for the duration indicated on the invoice. It stops once the number of days of the package have expired. The risks will be transferred when the baggage is handed over to the customer who will take care of it under his/her sole responsibility, the latter undertakes to use it in all circumstances as a “good father”. The rental contract is only in effect for the duration of the rental. Any change to the initially planned rental period results in a new rental agreement. The customer must produce their identity card or passport. SOS Baggage may request a loan/pre-authorization of a bank card debit up to the rental amount.

Any complaint regarding the elements of the invoice must be brought to the attention of SOS Baggage within a maximum period of 7 days after receipt. After this period, no complaints will be admissible and the invoice must be paid under the conditions provided for this purpose.


SOS Baggage may require a deposit from the customer in an amount equal to the public sale price including tax of the rented baggage. The deposit will be left in the form of a check, a credit card imprint or a pre-authorization of direct debit. The deposit will be returned to the customer upon return of the rented equipment, except in the case of damage to the equipment. SOS Baggage reserves the right to require the customer to present two pieces of identification before accepting a check as a deposit.


The customer undertakes to return the baggage clean and in the condition it was in when he took possession of it. Any reservations about the condition of the baggage must be indicated on the contract when it is signed, otherwise no complaints will be accepted subsequently. For security reasons, the customer undertakes to notify the store of any possible shocks suffered by the luggage. The rented luggage must be returned to the store on the return day stipulated in the rental contract and during the store's opening hours. Any return of the luggage after the return day stipulated in the rental contract will make the customer liable to the store for one day's rental at the rate of €5.00 including tax. In this case, the customer will owe the store as many additional days as there are days of delay. The return of the rented equipment is obligatory at the end of the rental period provided for under the penalties provided for in Article 314-1 of the Penal Code, without there being any need to send a formal notice by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and without the customer being able to invoke any impediment.


No guarantee covers a possible failure to adapt the rented luggage to the specific needs of the customer. Loaning or subletting rented baggage is strictly prohibited. The customer undertakes to use the rented baggage with caution, without danger for third parties in accordance with the regulations in force. The customer undertakes to maintain the rented equipment in good condition at all times and to use and maintain it according to the usual instructions.


During a plane trip, if damage or loss is noticed by the customer when collecting their baggage, it is their responsibility to report it to the company counter before leaving the airport and to indicate that it is rental luggage in the name of SOS Baggage which will be responsible for managing the dispute.

Otherwise the customer undertakes to pay the costs of repairs or replacement of the rented baggage whatever the cause of the repairs, except those due to normal wear and tear, in addition to the rental price. Repairs will be carried out exclusively by the store, at the customer's expense. All luggage whose repair proves technically or economically impractical must be paid to the store by the customer at the replacement price, i.e. the equivalent of the sales price including tax, in addition to the rental price.


The prices indicated correspond to those in our catalog and are subject to change at any time without notice, knowing that the items will be invoiced at the rate in force at the time of registration of the contract. Any contract validated by a regulation cannot be subject to any modification.

Unless there are exceptional special conditions, the rental is payable without discount, in cash and in advance, according to the terms of the quote.


In the event of illness or accident of the customer using the rented baggage (or any person for whom the baggage was rented) and occurring during the scheduled rental period, the rental remains in force. However, in this case the customer may return the rented baggage concerned and the amount payable for the rental of this baggage will be calculated in proportion to the number of rental days actually completed, upon presentation of a medical certificate. Any rental day started will be due.

In the event of cancellation of a train or flight from a company, the rental days concerned by this rental may be deducted from the total price of the rental covered by the rental contract, upon presentation of proof. issued by the transport company


For damage caused to third parties or to rented equipment, the Renter and SOSBaggage declare that they hold, each for their own responsibility, “Civil Liability” insurance to cover damage caused to third parties by the rented suitcase.


In the event of non-performance of its obligations by one of the parties, the other party is entitled to terminate the rental contract without prejudice to any damages it may claim.


Complaints that arise during the execution of the contract must be reported to the store manager so that a solution can be sought as soon as possible. Prompt reporting of a complaint will enable it to be processed efficiently.

This agreement is subject to French law.

In the event of any dispute relating to this contract, and in the absence of an amicable settlement between the parties, the dispute will be decided by the Court of the head office of the company operating the store to which the parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction.